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Covid-19 notice

Our firm is open and available to help. In response to recent COVID-19 developments, we have enabled our staff to work remotely while maintaining our ability to protect and represent our clients. We are all being impacted in different ways, but we will get through this together.

Insurance Disputes

We’re here, and we’ll be with you through the claims process.

Paynter Law has experience fighting insurance companies, having successfully litigated against them not only in individual suits, but in nationwide class-action litigation.

The Basics

COVID Insurance Disputes

For more information on Paynter Law’s recent victory on behalf of North Carolina restaurants denied business interruption coverage by Cincinnati, click here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for millions around the world. The virus has not only caused illness, but it has also resulted in government-mandated closures of numerous businesses. Manufacturing facilities, gyms, hair salons, retail establishments and restaurants have been particularly hard hit. For business owners, this likely means a decrease or temporary end to sales and revenue. Some may be able to go a few weeks or months without income, but others may be facing permanent closure as a result.

During times like these, business owners should take a moment to locate and review their business insurance policies with a lawyer. These policies often include coverage for physical damage and loss, business interruption, lost or suspended business income, loss of use, and/or injury to tangible property.


Coverage Can Vary

Actual coverage will vary for each business depending on the policy and the policy language. Additionally, each policy will have various coverage restrictions, many of which depend heavily on the precise wording of the policy. For example, a policy that covers risk of “direct physical loss or damage” may be interpreted differently than a policy that omits the word “direct”.

Each policy is different, and the various definitions and exclusions can make it difficult for restaurant and business owners to determine whether they are covered for losses sustained as a result of COVID-19. Depending on the policy language, business owners who are considering filing a claim may need to gather and submit various documentation such as:

  • Physical records pertaining to any employee, customer or other individual with access to the premises who has tested positive from COVID-19
  • Information about nearby properties that have been accessed by individuals with COVID-19
  • Proof of Loss
  • Net and gross revenue records
  • Change in hours and days of operation
  • Timeline of events
  • Expense documentation
  • Staffing changes

Free Policy Review

At Paynter Law, we’re providing restaurant and business owners with a free business insurance policy review. To get started, give us a call: (844) 472-9683.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about your business insurance policy, your coverage, how to file your COVID claim, or have already had your claim denied, then contact Paynter Law today at (844) 472-9683 or by email at