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The Basics

What is antitrust litigation?

Antitrust laws are designed to promote and protection competition and fairness in the marketplace. When antitrust laws are violated, legal action is often required to enforce the laws and maintain fair competition for the benefit of consumers and business.

The antitrust lawyers at Paynter Law have successfully represented consumers and businesses in various matters such as:

Unfair Competition

  • In today’s highly competitive business environment, unfair competition claims aren’t uncommon. We are aware of the serious and long-term impact that unfair competition can have on our clients. We’re prepared to take action to protect our client’s interests, whether that means includes requesting injunctive relief at the onset of litigation to mitigate our client’s damages or litigating a case all the way through trial.

Price Fixing, Predatory Pricing, and Price Discrimination

  • Consumers and business owners may suffer economic losses due to price fixing practices. Price fixing is an agreement between two or more parties to purposefully manipulate the price of goods in the marketplace and reduce competition. There are laws that prohibit price fixing and that were created to protect fair competition in the marketplace and protect individuals and businesses from these unfair practices. If price fixing issues are unable to be remedied through settlement negotiations, we have the experience needed to aggressively litigate these claims. Price fixing claims may be brought on behalf of an individual business or on behalf of a group, or class, of businesses or consumers.

Market Allocation Agreements

  • A marketing allocation arrangement involves competitors organizing their share of the market, often portioned out by geographical territory. This enables parties to set prices without fear of being undercut by the competition. By eliminating competition, companies are then free to charge higher prices. Market allocation agreements stifle competition and prevent the consumer from receiving the cost benefit of healthy market competition. Additionally, unless these agreements are ancillary to a legitimate procompetitive agreement between the parties, market allocation agreements are per se violations of antitrust law.

Anti-competitive Practices

  • Anti-competitive practices are activities or actions taken by individuals or companies that reduce or prevent competition in the marketplace. These practices often result in increased prices without necessarily increasing the quality of the good being sold. Anti-competitive practices often cause damages to the economy as well as businesses and individual consumers.

Antitrust matters may involve disputes and litigation between competing companies, suppliers or distributors and a company, or consumers and a company. Paynter Law has experience handling a full spectrum of antitrust actions ranging from class actions to commercial business litigation. We know how to navigate the complex procedural issues that often arise with these types of cases.

Our firm recently represented certain small businesses in an antitrust matter filed against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. for alleged anti-competitive actions and antitrust violations. This dispute involved Valeant’s alleged market monopolization and abuse of its monopoly power for certain specialty contact lens materials.

We also are also currently involved in another antitrust case where compensation is being pursued from propane tank manufacturers for allegedly conspiring to reduce the fill levels of their tanks and thereby costing consumers millions of dollars.

Our founding attorney, Stuart Paynter, began his career representing Microsoft in the famous antitrust lawsuits brought by the U.S. Department of Justice and private consumers.

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