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Trust our team of attorneys to handle your referrals.

Paynter Law is prepared to handle any personal injury, complex commercial litigation, or class action lawsuit you need help with.

Whether you have a personal injury case, a complex commercial matter or a potential class action, we want to work with you to achieve the best result for your client. Refer a case to our attorneys and be assured that your client will receive top-notch, responsive legal representation. Our dedicated team of litigators and highly trained support staff are here to help. 

We take attorney referrals in several practice areas.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Paynter Law takes referrals of personal injury cases throughout North Carolina. Our lead personal injury attorney, David Larson, has over 20 years of litigation experience. 


Unlike some larger firms, we push our cases forward relentlessly. We believe that delay is prejudicial to your client and to you as a referring attorney. We pride ourselves on moving cases forward expeditiously. 


We do not hesitate to turn down an “okay” offer pre-litigation if we think we can get more money for your client by filing suit. The result is a happy client and more revenue for you as the referring attorney. 


“When I have a personal injury matter, I refer it to Paynter Law. I trust David Larson and his team to get the best result possible for my client.”   

  • James “Jayme” Jackson, Western Wake Law Group 

Class Action Lawsuits

Attorneys frequently ask us, “Could this be a class action?”. The answer, as is so often the case in life, is “it depends.” In some instances, claims that might not be economically viable for you to litigate on behalf of your individual client could form the basis of a class action. 


At Paynter Law, we have decades of experience litigating complex class actions. We are always happy to evaluate your client’s situation to see whether your client could pursue his or her claims through a class action. 


In general, a class action is viable when a defendant’s conduct affects a broad group of consumers or small businesses in a similar manner and a mechanism exists to calculate damages on a class-wide basis. Because class actions are complex to litigate, we generally will not take a class action unless damages could potentially meet or exceed our $5 million threshold. 

Complex Commercial Litigation

Paynter Law routinely partners with other law firms on complex litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Copyright
  • Trade secrets
  • Antitrust litigation
  • Legal malpractice claims
  • Contracts disputes
  • Business insurance litigation 

We believe that strong teams with diverse areas of expertise get the best results for clients. We offer customized co-counsel arrangements from a simple referral fee to a full co-counsel relationship where the parties have joint responsibility for all aspects of the case. 


We litigate complex cases nationwide. Our years of experience litigating in courts across the country means that can quickly locate suitable local counsel in virtually any jurisdiction. In addition, we have extensive experience serving foreign defendants under the Hague Convention—an expensive and time-consuming process. 


Contact us today if you are interested in partnering with us on a complex litigation matter. 

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Paynter Law is prepared to handle any personal injury, complex commercial litigation, or class action lawsuit you need help with.