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Contract Disputes

We're here to protect you and your business.

Our team combines top-notch technical and legal knowledge with strategy, creativity, experience, and passion to help you with your business disputes of $1 million and up.

The Basics

Why do contract disputes occur?

Most business deals start with high hopes and the best intentions. The parties enter into a contract with the goal of achieving a common goal which will be mutually beneficial. Unfortunately, there are times when misunderstandings occur, disputes arise from the misinterpretation of terms and conditions, or a party fails to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Paynter Law has decades of combined experience with handling a wide variety of contract disputes. In certain contract dispute cases, we are able to utilize our diverse experience, knowledge, and skills to uncover non-contractual legal theories that may lead to recoveries in excess of contractual damages.

For example, we recently represented the original designer and programmer of the football videogame John Madden Football, and we succeeded in obtaining a jury verdict on a 20-year-old contract. We represented Robin Antonick, the programmer behind the videogame. Antonick developed the original John Madden Football game under a 1986 software development agreement with Electronic Arts (EA). The agreement promised him royalties on the game that he developed, as well as any games derived from that original game. Our lawsuit stated that, after Antonick stopped developing games for EA, the company went on to use his original source code to develop later versions of Madden Football without paying him the royalties due under the 1986 agreement. After multiple failed attempts by EA to get the Court to dismiss Antonick’s claims, the case went to trial in June 2013 where a jury found against EA.

Do I need a lawyer?

A breach of contract or a contract dispute likely means a loss of valuable time and money for you and your business. A dispute can also hurt your relationship with your clients and your reputation in the marketplace. We are aware of this and know that you need a swift and effective resolution for you and your business.

We always look to find the quickest, most cost-effective solution for our clients. As with our other practice areas, we typically represent commercial and business clients on a contingency fee basis, and we advance all costs including discovery, expert, and trial costs. Additionally, unlike other firms that may only mediate and settle claims, we are experienced litigators and are strategically positioned to pursue your claim through trial if necessary.

If you think you may have a contract dispute claim, contact the legal team at Paynter Law today. We’ll review the facts of your case and provide you with a free case evaluation. The sooner you call, the sooner you can start finding real solutions for the issues facing you and your business.


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Why Hire Us?

icon-Customized, Innovative Legal Services

Customized, Innovative Legal Services

Over $500 Million in verdicts & settlements. We know every case is different, so our attorneys provide effective legal services tailored to fit your needs and the facts of your case.

icon-Contingency Fee Structure

Contingency Fee Structure

We represent all of our clients on a contingency fee basis. We advance costs such as litigation and trial expenses, discovery costs, and expert witness fees, and you don’t owe us costs and attorney fees until we win your case.

icon-Years of Experience and Professionalism

Years of Experience and Professionalism

Our attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience and were trained at some of the top law schools in the country. To-date, we have helped over 5,000 people seek justice.