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Police Brutality

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The Basics

Finding a Police Brutality Lawyer

Police brutality has been gaining media attention in recent years. Although the vast majority of officers respect both their profession and members of their communities, some are unfortunately guilty of misconduct. Misconduct can come in many forms:

  • Use of excessive force
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Indifference to medical conditions
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • Unlawful traffic stops
  • Arrest without probable cause

If you or a loved one has experienced mistreatment at the hands of the police and believe that your civil rights have been violated, a police brutality lawyer might be able to help you earn the compensation you deserve. Our team provides free consultations so you can learn more about your legal rights and options. We understand that every case is different, and we’ll talk with you about the facts specific to your exposure so you can get the information you need to make the best decision moving forward. Further, if you decide to work with us, we work on a contingency fee basis which means you don’t owe us costs for attorney fees until we win your case.

Why Hire US?

icon-Customized, Innovative Legal Services

Customized, Innovative Legal Services

Over $500 Million in verdicts & settlements. We know every case is different, so our attorneys provide effective legal services tailored to fit your needs and the facts of your case.

icon-Contingency Fee Structure

Contingency Fee Structure

We represent all of our clients on a contingency fee basis. We advance costs such as litigation and trial expenses, discovery costs, and expert witness fees, and you don’t owe us costs and attorney fees until we win your case.

icon-Years of Experience and Professionalism

Years of Experience and Professionalism

Our attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience and were trained at some of the top law schools in the country. To-date, we have helped over 5,000 people seek justice.