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Confidential Intellectual Property Case

$21.5 Million Settlement

Paynter Law represented a small company against a major Fortune 500 firm that copied our client's software after unfairly terminating a licensing agreement.

Paynter Law represented a small software company in a dispute against a major Fortune 500 company to whom it had licensed software. The smaller company alleged that, in order to save on licensing fees, the larger company had simply copied its software and then terminated the licensing arrangement. Paynter Law was hired to replace the client’s original counsel while litigation was ongoing. The case involved the complex interplay between copyright and trade secret law.

When lead attorney Stuart M. Paynter entered the case, the offer on the table to our client was for $900,000. Following aggressive discovery and the deposition of the defendant’s Chief Financial Officer, Paynter Law successfully obtained a settlement of $21.5 million. This amount far exceeded defendant’s original offer and even the last demand made by prior counsel.