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Your Guide to Negligent Security Claims in North Carolina

Your Guide to Negligent Security Claims in North Carolina

Oct 27, 2022

In North Carolina, businesses and property owners have a basic legal responsibility to keep customers and other guests reasonably safe. It is a comprehensive duty. Not only do businesses and property owners need to conduct adequate maintenance and remove clear safety hazards, but they also have an obligation to provide adequate security. 

A business or property owner that fails to take the proper security measures could potentially be held civilly liable for a criminal attack that occurs on their premises. At Paynter Law, we handle negligent security cases in North Carolina. In this article, our Hillsborough personal injury attorney explains the key things to know about negligent security claims. 

North Carolina Law: A Negligent Security Claim is a Type of Premises Liability Claim

Negligent security claims fall under premises liability law. North Carolina property owners and property occupiers can be held legally liable for injuries that happen because of dangerous conditions on the premises, including inadequate security. The key thing to understand about a negligent security claim is that it allows an injured victim to hold a business or property owner legally liable for the criminal attack of a third party. 

Examples of Inadequate Security that Could Constitute Negligence in North Carolina 

Negligent security can come in many different forms. In North Carolina, businesses and property owners have a duty to provide security that is at least as good as another business/property owner of ordinary prudence would provide under reasonably similar circumstances. The failure to do so may be negligence. Some notable examples of inadequate security measures that could constitute negligent security in North Carolina include: 

  • Broken locks on windows or doors
  • Lack of screening at entrances
  • Inadequate background screening of staff members
  • Insufficient or undertrained security personnel 
  • Failure to install or monitor security cameras
  • Failure to properly respond to previous security breaches 
  • Lack of adequate lighting, including in exterior areas

Liability for Negligent Security is a Determined on a Case-By-Case Basis

All negligent security claims require a thorough and independent investigation. You need to know exactly what security measures the defendant took, what they failed to do, and what they should have done given the situation. Business and property owners in North Carolina are subject to variable security requirements based on specific circumstances. 

For instance, a large nightlife venue that sells liquor has a strong obligation to provide proper security. The business should have the resources and the risk is clear. On the other end of the spectrum, a small “mom & pop” convenience store located on a rural stretch of road will have substantially less burdensome security expectations. The facts of the case always matter in determining whether or not poor security measures rise to the level of negligence. 

A Three-Year Statute of Limitations for Negligent Security Claims in North Carolina

You have a limited amount of time to file a negligent security claim in North Carolina. Under state law (NC GS § 1-52), there is a three-year statute of limitations for premises liability claims, including for negligent security cases. You do not want to fall behind a business, property owner, or insurance company in the claims process. Consult with an experienced North Carolina negligent security attorney as soon as possible after you or your loved one was harmed. 

Recovering Compensation for Negligent Security in North Carolina

If you or your family member was hurt at a North Carolina business due to negligent security, you need compensation to pay your bills. The commercial property insurance companies that defend most premises liability claims are aggressive—they fight to pay out less. Our North Carolina negligent security attorneys are standing by, ready to help you pursue the maximum available financial compensation. You may be entitled to recover money damages for: 

  • Ambulance bills and emergency medical costs
  • Hospital bills and other health-related expenses
  • Physical therapy and mental health counseling 
  • Lost wages and loss of earning potential 
  • Pain and suffering & emotional trauma 
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Long-term disability
  • Wrongful death damages 

Contact Our North Carolina Negligent Security Attorney Today

At Paynter Law, our experienced North Carolina premises liability lawyers have the skills and know-how to handle negligent security claims. If you or your loved one was injured because a business or property owner failed to take proper security precautions, we are more than ready to help. You may be entitled to a significant financial settlement for your damages.

Give us a call now or contact us online to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation. With law offices in Hillsborough and Raleigh, we handle negligent security claims throughout the entire region.