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Summer Driving Dangers

Jun 19, 2018

When the weather is warm, we want to go out and enjoy it. We may decide to take a drive to the beach, go see a friend, or even go on an extended road trip; however, there’s a downside to all this travel – an increased risk of car accidents. In a 17-year study, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the months of July and August are the deadliest months for fatal car accidents.

Why are there more accidents in the summer, and what can we do to keep ourselves safe?

Teen Driving
Teen driving is one the biggest reasons for an increased risk of accidents over the summer. During the summer, there are more teens out of school and on the road, so there are more inexperienced drivers on the road, many of whom may be looking at their cell phones while driving. Statistics report that teen drivers spend 44% more time driving in the summer months than any other time of year.

Distracted Driving
With more teens on the road comes more distracted drivers. We are all very dependent on our smartphones for texting, emails, and phone communication, not to mention checking social media sites. This problem isn’t just among teens because many adults do the same. The Centers for Disease Control report that 8 eight people are killed every day from distracted driving. In the last ten years, the incidence of car accidents has increased, and so has the use of cell phones. There is a correlation.

Road Construction
Many states decide to start road construction projects in the summer while the weather is good. Road construction projects create their own road hazards. Detours, closed lanes, traffic, and temporary signs can cause confusion and accidents.

Heat and Equipment Failure
Warmer temperatures can affect our vehicles. Cars can overheat. If your tires are worn, hotter temperatures can cause your tires to expand and cause a blowout.


What Can I Do?
There are a few things you can do to lessen your risk of a car accident in the summer. We recommend:

  • Although you may not necessarily be able to keep your teen off the road, you can educate them of the dangers and tell them to use extra caution.
  • Stay off your phone while driving.
  • Give your car a seasonal summer checkup. Check the fluids and tires. Make sure everything is working properly.
  • The NHTSA reports that the most dangerous times on the road are Saturdays, and between the hours of 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, so avoid driving during these times if possible.
  • Slow down. With more road construction and drivers on the road, speeding only increases the chances of a car accident.

Summer is a time to go outside, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun. With a few safety precautions, you can enjoy your summer and keep you and your family safe. If the unexpected happens, please call us. We are here to help.