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Should I Handle my Auto Injury Claim on my Own?

Should I Handle my Auto Injury Claim on my Own?

Aug 06, 2020

You’re not the first person to ask that question. Many people who find themselves injured in an automobile wreck consider handling their own auto claim. They often think it will be pretty straightforward, especially if the accident report has the other driver listed as being at fault for the wreck.

Unfortunately, the claims process is more complicated than it may seem. Additionally, it is important to remember that the insurance company makes money by paying you less than you deserve. If you file your auto injury claim on your own, you may not know all of the personal injury damages that you are entitled to receive, and you may not have a true picture of the actual value of your claim.

We often receive calls from people who have spent months or even years trying to handle their own auto injury claim. By the time they call us, they may have signed releases allowing the insurance company to collect any and all of their medical records (even records that are from before the wreck or aren’t related to the wreck!). They may have also provided the insurance company with recorded statements that don’t accurately represent what they went through after the wreck and/or may have damaged the value of their claim. Or they may be too close to, or even past, the statute of limitations.

After being in a wreck and before you decide to handle your auto injury case on your own, give us a call. We provide a free consultation. During the call, we’ll go over the facts of your case and discuss your legal rights and options. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones. If you do decide to work with us, we work on a contingency fee. This means you don’t owe us anything up front, and we’re only paid once we recover money for you.

For more information about your rights and options, or to learn more about working with us, visit our Personal Injury page or contact us today.

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