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Personal Injury Team Wins Second Chance for Vehicle Collision Client

Apr 22, 2021

Press Release

In a recent victory for our personal injury division, attorneys David Larson and Sara Willingham fought successfully to reverse a judgement that cleared a Defendant of negligence (Isak v. Williams, Case No. COA20-205). The case arises out of a two-car collision in Johnston County where Paynter Law client, Mr. Isak, was traveling through a four-way intersection. Although he had the right of way, with no stop sign, and the defendant had a stop sign. The Defendant hit black ice, ran the stop sign, and hit Mr. Isak’s vehicle.

At the original trial, the Defendant admitted that he was aware of icy road conditions but claimed that hitting ice on the roadway was a sudden emergency. Over the plaintiff’s objection, the trial court gave the jury instructions that should not have been given which ultimately stood as the basis for Larson’s and Willingham’s appeal. On April 20th, the Court of Appeals agreed with our team’s findings and Mr. Isak is now entitled to a new trial.

For more information, see the court’s decision here:

Paynter Law is proud of our personal injury team’s tenacity and creativity in their to fight to win the compensation our clients deserve. If you or a loved one has experienced a vehicle collision, accident, or emergency resulting in injury or trauma, you may also be entitled to compensation. We understand that in this difficult period, you may have a lot of questions and might not be sure where to begin. Reach out to one of our attorneys for a free consultation so that we can help determine if it makes sense for you to pursue an action and go through the steps involved to get you the help you deserve.