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Paynter Law Files Federal Lawsuit Against the Town of Mount Olive for Police Brutality

Feb 15, 2021

Press Release

RALEIGH N.C. February 15, 2021 — Paynter Law has filed a federal lawsuit against the Town of Mount Olive, North Carolina, its former police chief, and several police officers on behalf of a Wayne County resident who was severely injured when he was violently thrown to the ground face first by one of the officers during the course of an arrest for DWI. At the time of the incident, the client was in handcuffs and was both cooperative and compliant. As a result of this violent and unprovoked assault, he suffered multiple facial fractures which have led to life-long seizures, memory loss, and PTSD, among other injuries.

The suit alleges that Mt. Olive’s police officers violated the resident’s Fourth Amendment right under the United States Constitution to be free from excessive force and then conspired to conceal their unconstitutional conduct in order to prevent a civil action from being filed. The suit also asserts a constitutional claim against the Town and the former chief of police based on the failure to train its officers on the use of force, de-escalation, and treating head injuries.   

According to lead attorney Stuart M. Paynter, “Paynter Law is committed to seeking justice when police officers assault members of the public they are sworn to protect. ” 

The case is Bolin v. Town of Mount Olive et al, No. 5:21-cv-00077-BO, United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

The lead attorneys for the Plaintiff are Stuart M. Paynter, Jennifer L. Murray and David D. Larson.

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