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Accidents On Bird Or Lime Scooters

Accidents On Bird Or Lime Scooters

Jan 31, 2022

It seems like Lime, Spin, and Bolt Scooters popped up overnight in the Hillsborough and Raleigh, North Carolina area. Scooters offer an inexpensive and fun way to get around the city, but they aren’t without their challenges. In 2019, over 30 scooter crash victims suffered injuries in North Carolina. That number only stands to increase as scooters gain more popularity as an alternative rideshare option. Our team put together a quick reference guide to help you navigate a scooter accident claim

Injuries that result from scooter accidents 

You could experience minor or severe injuries because of a scooter accident. Most commonly scooter accident victims suffer from:

  • Cuts and bruises, 
  • Broken bones,
  • Back or neck pain, or 
  • Head injuries

These injuries could result in long term rehabilitation and care. It is crucial to keep future care such as physical therapy, future surgeries, and occupational therapy in mind when negotiating with the negligent driver’s insurance.

Recovering financially from insurance 

If you are seriously injured while riding a Bolt, Spin or Lime scooter, you may be able to pursue a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance. In North Carolina, drivers are required to carry the following insurance:

  • Bodily Injury (one person): $30,000
  • Property damage: $25,000 

Increase your chances recovery

Abiding by all relevant laws when riding a rideshare scooter will also increase your chances of recovery from the negligent driver’s insurance company. If the negligent driver submits evidence that you failed to do so, the insurance company may not cover your claim. 

Follow these tips to keep you safe and compliant while on the road: 

  • Wear a helmet,
  • Stay off the sidewalks, 
  • Follow all traffic laws – don’t run stop signs or red lights, 
  • Ride in bike lanes whenever possible. 
  • Only ride if you are over the age of 18, and
  • Don’t double up!

What expenses can you recover?

Financial recovery varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the severity of your injuries. Typically, if you are injured in a scooter accident by a negligent driver you may recover:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost income 
  • Property damage costs 
  • Pain and suffering 

Keep all your medical records, doctors’ notes, and medical bills in a safe place. Medical bills and records support your claim of medical costs, expenses, and damages. 

Our attorneys will review your case and help you determine the best avenue of recovery. Recovery doesn’t look the same for everyone, we’ve seen hundreds of personal injury cases and know how to recover the most possible. We handle each personal injury case with care. Our personal injury team takes the time to connect with each client individually, and truly understand your needs. 

If you were recently injured because of a scooter accident, please reach out today. One of our attorneys is standing by to assess your case and assist you in charting your path to financial recovery for your injuries and medical expenses.