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5 Things to do Before A Road Trip

5 Things to do Before A Road Trip

Nov 18, 2018

The holidays are coming up, and many of us have plans to travel to visit family and close friends. If you have similar plans, make sure you do these 5 car maintenance items before traveling. Car maintenance can seem like a headache and is often put on the backburner, but doing these 5 things regularly, and particularly before a road trip, can reduce the chances of car crashes or other incidents.

Take the time before a trip to check these off your list – they are just as important as packing and worth the little bit of extra time.

1. Check your battery. A bad battery may not seem like something that could lead to a car crash but it actually could. A bad battery could leave you stranded – and sometimes not in the best location. If you get stranded near traffic and are unable to turn hazard lights on, etc. you may put yourself and your family at risk of being hit by nearby traffic. Don’t risk it – check your battery.

2. Inspect wiper blades. This is something people regularly forget about or put off. Your wiper blades should be checked regularly and replaced regularly. Without proper wiper blades, you could seriously reduce your visibility, increasing your chances of a car crash or hitting a pedestrian that you could not see.

3. Check your tires. Don’t just check tire pressure – although that’s important too. Check the tire tread as well and ensure they are in good condition. Poor tire condition due to tire pressure or tread can reduce your traction (which is especially dangerous in rain or snow), result in flat tires or blowouts, and decrease your ability to stop quickly.

4. Check your brakes. Poor brakes can decrease your ability to stop quickly, and this could lead to a car crash. Have your brakes checked before hitting the road for the holidays. If they need maintenance or replacement, have that done prior to heading out on a road trip.

5. Check your lights – all of them. Check your headlights, brake lights, etc. Don’t just ensure they are working, but also make sure they are clear and clean. If they are too dirty or too scratched, it could dim them and make it more difficult for you to see and for others to see you.

Make a habit of always checking these items before a road trip, and check them far enough in advance so you have time to fix anything that needs fixing. This should become a part of your travel routine just like packing your bags.

The holidays can be a particularly tough time to be in a car crash. If you find yourself in that situation, just know that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help you. We will be by your side every step of the way and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve and need. Our consultation is free.