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4 Motorcycle Tips for the Fall

Aug 30, 2018

Fall is just around the corner, so it’s about to be perfect weather to take your motorcycle out on the road – not too hot, not too cold. If you’re taking your bike out, be sure to remember and abide by these tips to keep your trip fun and safe. And, if you don’t own a bike but know someone that does, share these tips with them! Better safe than sorry.

1. Wear a helmet. Even if your state law doesn’t require it, this is the absolute most important thing you should consider when heading out. A helmet is the only thing that will protect your head from direct contact with the pavement – the results of which could be devastating and even fatal. It’s important, and you won’t regret wearing that helmet, but you might regret failing to do so.

2. Wear appropriate riding gear. A helmet isn’t the only riding gear to consider. Make sure you are outfitted with protective clothing including long sleeves, pants, and sturdy boots. If you want to be extra safe, wear brightly colored riding gear to increase your visibility. Many motorcycle crashes happen because other drivers don’t see the motorcyclist.

3. Use anti-lock brakes. If you’re bike doesn’t have these, consider getting them. They can prevent skidding if you have to come to a sudden, unexpected stop. This could make a huge difference.

4. Do a bike tune-up. It’s important to stay up-to-date with your motorcycle maintenance. Consider scheduling a tune-up from a professional, and always make sure everything is working properly before heading out. Check tire pressure and wear, fluid levels, lights, horn, brakes, and any other important equipment that keeps you safe.

You may also want to be conscious of the weather. With late summer and fall being hurricane season, we see a lot of bad weather. Be aware of the potential for bad weather and check the forecast before you head out so you can plan appropriately. That way, hopefully you’re able to enjoy the beautiful weather days and avoid being stuck in a rainstorm that could reduce visibility and tire traction.

We hope these safety tips help prevent motorcycle injuries for you and your loved ones. Despite taking all precautions, motorcycle wrecks do still occur from time to time. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, give us a call for a free consultation. Settling and litigating motorcycle cases can be very different from other motor vehicle crashes, so we recommend talking with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and options.